Mastercard® Debit Cards

What a check used to mean to a checking account is what a debit card means today. It’s the hub through which most transactions take place. With 1st Gateway Credit Union MasterCard Debit Card, you’ll have instant access to the cash from your Saving or Checking Account and the ability to transfer funds between accounts and obtain your account balance information anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re on vacation, out-of-town on business or just around the corner, you’ll get secure and easy access to your funds at thousands of ATM and merchant Point Of Sale (POS) locations.

And, our 1st Gateway Mastercard Debit Card comes loaded with great benefits like:

  • Make purchases worldwide

    The 1st Gateway Mastercard Debit card is accepted anywhere you see the Mastercard logo. That’s more than 13 million retail merchants including gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and hotels. The amount of your transaction is automatically deducted from your 1st Gateway Credit Union checking account.

  • Free, Safe and convenient

    The 1st Gateway Mastercard Debit Card is the perfect way to pay. It’s faster and easier than writing a check and it’s a lot safer than carrying cash, plus you’ll have $0 liability for any unauthorized purchases. Every transaction is listed on your monthly checking account statement, making bookkeeping a snap!

  • Convenient Access to Cash

    With the Mastercard Debit card you still have access to quick cash, can make deposits, check balances and transfer funds. It’s FREE to use your 1st Gateway Mastercard Debit Card at any 1st Gateway ATM, and you can use non-1st Gateway ATMs five times per month for free.*

    1ST Gateway is also part of the Shazam® Privileged Status program. This allows you to use your debit card at the ATMs of other Privileged Status financial institutions without getting a surcharge fee. Just look for ATMs that have the Privileged Status logo! To locate one of these ATMs, click here.

    Find a 1st Gateway ATM
*the ATM owner may still charge a surcharge fee