Member Security

How You Can Protect Yourself

1st Gateway Credit Union knows the significance of protecting members' identities and their financial information. 1st Gateway Credit Union continues to stress the importance of members never disclosing personal financial information, including card information, via the telephone, mobile device or over the internet, without the call or transaction being initiated by the member. 1st Gateway Credit Union will never call to ask for members' financial information. If you receive a call, text or email asking for information, please notify any one of our branches immediately.

The Credit Union strongly recommends that each member take a proactive role by employing specific measures to ensure their online security.

  • Your Computer
    • Use a firewall
    • Install anti-virus protection software and check for regular updates
    • Install anti-spy ware and anti-ad protection programs
    • Never download unknown software
    • Regularly update your operating system, firewall and other "anti-" software
  • Your Account Access
    • Never share Member Access information with anyone, regardless of who they are or who they claim to be
    • Commit your password to memory - do not utilize password memory/management programs
    • Review all financial statements regularly for fraudulent activity
    • Communicate personal and/or account information via Member Access secure messaging only
    • Do not sign on from a public/shared computer
    • Do not reply to suspicious text or voice messaging on your phone
    • Do not provide personal information to any source when prompted by email
    • Visit
  • Your Identity
    • Never share personal information by telephone
    • Secure items that contain personal information in a safe place
    • Shred unneeded documents containing personal information
    • Destroy all charge receipts
    • Pay attention to billing cycles and contact creditors if bills do not arrive
    • Review Credit Reports annually
    • Mail stamped, outgoing bills directly from a local post office or US Mail box
    • Do not carry your social security or excess credit cards unless absolutely necessary

Members' Choice Checking

High convenience and low cost are just two of the reasons to open a share draft (checking) account at 1ST Gateway Credit Union. Our account even pays money market type rates to those members who maintain higher balances. Cost savings features includes:

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No per-check charges or check limit
  • A competitive interest rate structure

Your monthly statement lists every transaction you've made and is presented in an easy to understand format. The Member's Choice account even features automatic overdraft protection which authorizes the Credit Union to transfer funds from your share account (under the same account number) to pay for drafts being presented.

Other Checking Account Holder Benefits:

Our 1st Gateway Debit Card works like a credit card, but all transactions come from your checking account and are on your monthly statement. Your card will allow you to get cash back at the point-of-sale where allowed when you are making purchases, as well as ATMs everywhere. You have access to your funds immediately once it’s deposited. Checkout lines will go much faster as the 1st Gateway Debit Card eliminates the need to write a check or hassle with identification. And since the money comes directly from your checking account, there are no interest charges or transaction fees. Using your new card is safer than carrying cash, plus you’ll have $0 liability for any unauthorized purchases, which means greater piece of mind.

First Gateway Debit Card

Have your payroll or government agency payment directly deposited into your checking account and you may receive your payment up to two days early.* Many companies and government agencies send funds using direct deposit before the “official” payday. With Early Pay Checking you will get the funds when we receive them.

Early Pay Checking

*Must have direct deposit of payroll into a 1ST Gateway checking account to qualify. Early Pay Checking offers immediate credit of your direct deposit of net pay to your 1ST Gateway Checking account up to two (2) days early based upon when we receive your payroll from your employer or government agency. 1ST Gateway cannot assume any liability for not depositing these funds to your account early.

**APY is Annual Percentage Yield. $500 minimum balance, 12 debit card transactions, eStatements, and Direct Deposit required for 1st Rate Checking Account. If all of the qualifications are not met the rate will be 0.05%. Rate subject to change.